R1234YF Refrigerant/Freon Basics

The best R1234YF refrigerant (“Freon”) for cars, trucks, and SUVs keeps your cabin cool, even in the hottest New Orleans summers. Whether you’re moseying down Magazine Street or zooming along on I-10, refrigerant is a necessary component for your vehicle’s air conditioning in the South Louisiana heat.

Most mechanics in the New Orleans metro area do not offer R1234YF refrigerant. But we do! Let our air conditioning experts at Crescent City Automotive cool down your ride on these hot New Orleans streets.

Refrigerant History

In the mid 90s, R12 was banned because of negative environmental impact. R134a refrigerant replaced R12 and is still used in some models here in the New Orleans area.

R1234YF refrigerant (“Freon”) is better for the environment than R134a. These two refrigerants are not interchangeable. You cannot swap one for the other.

For most newer cars, R1234YF refrigerant is used in the air conditioning system.

Cold Air Recharge

Need to recharge your car’s air conditioner? R1234YF can be tough to find, but we have you covered right here at our convenient location on Magazine Street in New Orleans.

How do you know when your AC system needs a recharge? Is the air on, running high but not making a dent in the New Orleans heat? This is a likely indicator that you need a recharge.

Your system will often function better when it is flushed prior to adding refrigerant. We can handle that for you, as well. Whether you’re coming from Metairie, Kenner, or the Westbank, we’ll send you back on your way in cooled comfort. We will also make sure hoses and other components are leak-free. Replacing any leaking items before recharging the system saves you time and money and will keep you from unexpectedly dealing with a hot car in the middle of a sweltering New Orleans summer.

Give us a call today and let us take care of your R1234YF freon or other refrigerant & air conditioner needs. Our superior Google reviews say it all. Crescent City Automotive on Magazine Street in New Orleans is your one-stop, trusted mechanic — for air conditioning, too!